3 Things to Look for When Selecting a Site for Your Franchise

Starting a Sparklean franchise is one of the best investments you can make. From our low startup costs to the quick return on your initial investment, we have a concept that has proven itself to be extremely profitable. One of the most important elements of a successful Sparklean is the location. We have strategically determined that malls are the best locations for our franchises. Here’s why.

The Foot Traffic

Did you know that 75% of Americans visit a mall at least once a month? The foot traffic at malls is incomparable to any other location. There are constantly consumers at malls, at all times of the day. What this means for a mall kiosk franchise like Sparklean is that there is a constant potential sale walking the corridors. We have compiled years of data that determine what locations are best within malls, and where a franchise would be ideal. This kind of data pinpoints the ideal location for maximum exposure and foot traffic at your given site, giving our franchises the best possible chance for success.

There are nearly 115,000 malls in America alone, which means people love to shop. In addition to this data, cleaners in malls like Sparklean are part of the top 10% of wealthiest and most educated mall concepts. What this research suggests is that we have a recipe for success in these types of locations, with just the right demographic looking for products like ours.

We Help You

We offer support to all of our franchisees. Like any new business, finding the right location can be a little uneasy. There’s a lot to factor in, even if it is in a mall. Because of this, we have taken the time to research different factors like the type and the location of different malls, as well as locations within them. All of this research has helped us determine what specific locations will be beneficial for a Sparklean franchise, therefore helping our franchisees see a quicker positive cash flow than they would with any other brand.

In addition, we also are working on developing partnerships with big mall brands across America. These partnerships will ease the transition for franchisees because they know that their location will be at a trusted mall that has favorable demographics.

After our training program and the site selection process, we then will assist you with grand opening. Our experts will help you and your team get your Sparklean up and running. We’ll be there to answer any questions and provide you with feedback. Beyond this, you’ll receive franchisee support for the life of your business to aid with processes, operations, and other franchise-related items.

Sparklean Jewelry and Glass Cleaner Is a Must Have

One of the biggest selling points for a Sparklean franchise is that we offer proprietary products that cannot be found anywhere else. When it comes to their jewelry, people don’t want to settle for anything less than the best, and glass is something that is seen in every home and requires a higher-level cleaning product. Since there is a constant demand to clean and polish these products and retain their shine, customers constantly are searching for products that can get even the toughest jobs done.

Our products were created through trial and error until we finally had the best possible jewelry and glass cleaner in the market. These products, combined with the training and support we offer, make a Sparklean franchise one of the best opportunities out there.

If you are interested in learning more about the investment in a Sparklean franchise, check out our startup costs.

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