4 Perks of Investing in Multiple Mall Kiosks

Malls serve as an entrepreneurial hotspot for business owners targeting retail consumers. Their diverse demographics enable mall kiosk franchises to enjoy success across many industries. With a franchise model, an entrepreneur can become a multi-unit investor that owns and operates multiple mall kiosks under the same brand. The key ingredient is identifying the right brand to maximize the potential for growth.

Sparklean is changing mall kiosk franchising for the better. We are a jewelry and glass cleaning franchise that provides only the best products to customers. The global jewelry market hit $257 billion in 2017, and that number is only expected to grow. There is one thing that is for certain – jewelry never goes out of style. But one thing that does go out of style is when it gets old and dirty. People invest money into jewelry; therefore, they invest money into maintaining it.

Sparklean offers a great opportunity to capture this market with a demonstrable product that is easy to show retail consumers in the mall setting. By opening your own Sparklean mall kiosk franchise, you can participate in a proven operating model that has a 10-plus-year track record succeeding in this fast-paced retail environment.

Here are some of the perks you get for investing in multiple franchises with us.

A Mall Kiosk Franchise Territory to Yourself

When you invest in multiple mall kiosk franchises, you have the capability of holding a larger territory. This allows you to replicate your business model across multiple locations, which translates into no direct Sparklean franchise competitors in your defined territory – giving you the best chance at selling your product to local customers. Almost every mall across the United States has at least one jewelry store in it, meaning that people visiting these locations have a higher probability of looking for or at jewelry. And if you own jewelry, you’re in need of cleaning products for it.

You are also building brand recognizability. Sparklean has franchises all across the nation, but if you have multiple units, you spread our products and recognizability even further. Sparklean products appeal to everyone who owns jewelry, and they trust our products because they have proven to work and are easily accessible in malls.

It’s Cost Effective

Like many other things, mall kiosk franchises are better in bulk. When you invest in multiple units at once, it is cost effective since you do not need the training or other costs that are associated with a single unit investment. In addition to the startup costs, the profit margins with multiple mall kiosks are higher. When you invest in multi-unit mall kiosks right off the bat with Sparklean, you are increasing your chances for profitability and success, and decreasing the time and costs to start them up individually.

Fast ROI

Once business is booming – it booms. The best thing about a Sparklean franchise is the fact that you can see a return on investment much faster than a traditional franchise. Since our business model has a commission-based sales structure, the more you sell means the more you make. You keep the money you earn from selling our products, and your team members do the same. With sales personnel motivated by incentive-based compensation, you can expect quicker revenue growth to reach your profit goals in much less time. Plus, a more affordable entry cost compared puts you on the fast track to realizing a return on your investment.

Lean Business Operations

The benefit of multiple mall kiosk franchises is that you have options in terms of your involvement in the operations. At the beginning, making sure your franchises are up and running is imperative to their success, but once they are successfully making sales, you have the opportunity to take a more passive role in your franchises. Being a master franchisee or a passive investor means you have enough resources to hire a team to run each location. Your level of involvement depends on your business goals – some investors want to be involved in the operations to a certain degree, others don’t. Depending on what you want, you can be more passive and hire employees to take care of your operations. When you work for yourself with multiple mall kiosks, the possibilities are much broader.

Sparklean may be the perfect opportunity for you because we have so many perks for investing in multiple units. If you are interested in an investment that has a lot of potential for profit, we may be exactly what you are looking for.

Contact us to learn more about our concept and what makes us stand out from any other mall kiosk franchise.

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