A Great Franchise for a Low Investment: What You Need to Know About the Startup Costs

Small franchise opportunities have the potential to turn a low initial investment into a great revenue stream. The Sparklean franchise opportunity gives you more bang for your buck than just about any other franchise investment out there. Compared to other franchises like restaurants or retail stores, our startup costs are remarkably low with plenty of potential for profit. Let’s take a closer look at the costs associated with opening a Sparklean franchise.

small franchise opportunities

The Franchise Fee

Every franchise opportunity on the market will come along with a franchise fee. Why? A franchise fee is a one-time payment that helps to offset some of the costs of the training and onboarding you’ll receive. It grants you access to our highly-effective business model, our brand name, and our exclusive products. At $29,900, our franchise fee is much lower than many other small franchise opportunities you’ll find. When you partner with us, we’ll provide you with guidance every step of the way, helping you to avoid many of the pitfalls entrepreneurs experience when they start their own businesses. Therefore, the franchise fee has the potential to save you time and money in the long run.

Commercial Lease Agreement

The cost of leasing retail space in a shopping mall will vary depending on your location. One of the best parts about franchising with Sparklean is that you only need a small space to showcase our products. The monthly cost of running a mall kiosk is much lower than leasing a mall store or even a standalone store, yet you’ll enjoy access to a steady stream of foot traffic. We know just what to look for in a perfect location for our kiosks, and we’ll help you review options in your territory to find the right one.

Custom-Built Kiosks Stand Out from Other Small Franchise Opportunities

Unlike other small franchise opportunities, Sparklean believes that less is more. We keep our product line lean, our labor costs low, and need only minimal space to showcase our wares. One important expense we insist on is a custom-built kiosk that maximizes the impact of our products and demonstrations. For about $4,500 you can create a Sparklean kiosk that’s tailored to catch the attention of passers-by while affording you plenty of storage space. The talented salespeople that sell our products are paid on commission and rely on demonstrations and one-on-one interactions to earn their living and make you money. We’ve found that providing them with a beautiful stage as a backdrop for their work is an investment that often pays for itself many times over.

Our Exclusive Products

Other retail franchises often find themselves bogged down by excessive inventory. Ordering too much inventory, or products that prove to be unpopular and hard to sell, can be a major drain on profits. At Sparklean, we only manufacture a few products and they can’t be found anywhere else. They’ve proven to be popular among our customers for years and have catapulted our small family business into a national brand. When you partner with us, you can look forward to simple ordering, inventory, and sales.

Sparklean stands out from other small franchise opportunities because of the low overhead it takes to keep our locations running, and a small initial investment. Visit our website to learn more!

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