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We Offer the Most Premium, Eco-friendly Cleaning Products Available

When you start any new business, it’s important to offer products or services that can’t be found elsewhere. Sparklean allows our franchisees to become the exclusive dealers of our products in their territories, cementing their position as the go-to source for Sparklean. And when customers see for themselves what our product can do, they often come back for more! Our product was born from a secret family recipe that restored luster to glass and metals without the use of harsh chemicals. Read on to learn more about our proprietary product line.


From Our Family to Yours

Twenty years ago, the Sanchez family patriarch Manuel was living in his home country, Ecuador. He realized that most glass and jewelry cleaners were essentially the same, so he sought out to create a better product. After years of hard work, he developed the formula for Sparklean. He soon immigrated to America with his family, where they all took part in improving the new glass cleaner.

The Sanchez family opened their first kiosk to see if others would love the new product as much as they did, and they were overwhelmed by the response. Today, Sparklean has kiosks across the United States, where talented salespeople demonstrate the efficacy of the product and draw in new customers every day. When you purchase a Sparklean franchise, you’re joining a family that’s worked hard for success – and will work just as hard to help you grow your new business.

Gentle and Natural

You might think that a product that can tackle such tough damage must be composed of harsh chemicals. However, Sparklean is completely natural! Made of just a few safe ingredients, parents and pet owners can use Sparklean around the house without worry that fumes or residue will harm their loved ones. Furthermore, the product is safe to use even in situations that require a gentle touch.

For instance, many jewelry cleaners are too harsh to use on soft stones like turquoise or opal, but Sparklean users can safely clean even these stones with our product. As a gentle cleaner, there are even more potential uses for Sparklean: removing stuck-on rosin from violins, cleaning up antiques, and polishing rare coins are all safe and easy with our unique product.

Sparklean Is Highly Effective

One of the most significant benefits of using Sparklean is that it can actually remove surface scratches from metal! It’s effective enough to remove a number of tough blemishes, in addition to its intended use as a jewelry cleaner. You’d be amazed at the common household problems Sparklean can alleviate – water marks on marble, burn marks on appliances, rust and corrosion on metal. This versatility means that our product is well-suited for just about anyone.

We’ve found that the best way to show the efficacy of our product is through demonstrations. As shoppers pass by, our salespeople will illustrate how Sparklean can easily polish their eyeglasses and repair tarnished coins to their former luster. The ease with which we can showcase our product’s effectiveness, along with great word of mouth, have helped us to cultivate a loyal customer base in every city we serve.

When you purchase a Sparklean franchise, you’ll be able to offer your community a safe and effective cleanser like it’s never seen! Visit us online to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

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Why Choose a Mall Kiosk? Heavy Foot Traffic Is Only the Beginning

In the world of retail investments, a mall kiosk franchise is a great bet. There are a number of reasons why these small but highly-visible sites are an excellent choice for investors who are looking to start a business with low overhead. At Sparklean, our franchisees operate exclusively in mall kiosks. Let’s take a closer look at why they’ve helped Sparklean grow from a small family business to the nationally-recognized brand it is today.

mall kiosk franchise

A Steady Stream of Foot Traffic

Malls have always been a great place to set up a new retail business. That shouldn’t change anytime soon. In fact, did you know that Generation Z, soon to be the strongest buying force in the U.S., shows a marked preference for malls compared to other generations? Shoppers that come to the mall to visit one favorite store walk by many others, giving mall stores valuable foot traffic. For a product like Sparklean, where demonstration is key, this foot traffic translates into interest from customers who otherwise wouldn’t have known about our brand.

Other mall kiosk franchises sell products that will only appeal to a single demographic. Sparklean benefits greatly from foot traffic because our product can be used by just about anyone. Originally designed as a jewelry cleaner, Sparklean can clean much more than just necklaces and earrings. It’s gentle enough to be used on precious antiques and musical instruments and tough enough to remove stubborn marks from walls. The wide range of uses for Sparklean means that everyone who passes by our kiosks is a potential customer – making foot traffic an important element of our business model.

Low Overhead with a Mall Kiosk Franchise

If you’re looking for a franchise with low overhead, it’s tough to find a better choice than Sparklean. Our employees are paid on commission, which means the sky is the limit for their earning potential, but their paycheck is directly correlated to how much of your product they’ve sold. Our kiosk locations are another way we keep our overhead costs low. Leasing a mall kiosk is far less expensive than leasing a store. Situated right in the middle of central walkways, kiosks catch a lot of attention from passersby who walk right by our products and sales demonstrations. All in all, kiosks allow us to make a maximum impact for a low monthly lease.

A Perfect Fit for Sparklean

A mall kiosk franchise typically has products to sell that benefit from demonstrations, and Sparklean is no different. Our salespeople take tarnished jewelry and dirty eyeglasses and clean them quickly and effectively with our range of exclusive products, restoring them to their former luster right in front of customers’ eyes. Mall kiosks allow us to demonstrate the power of our product not just to customers who are already stopped to watch, but to everyone who’s walking by.

Additionally, Sparklean produces only a few highly-effective products. A kiosk allows us to effectively display our full range of products, with plenty of room for storage. Sparklean has always operated out of mall kiosks, and our business model has been fine-tuned for maximum efficacy with kiosks in mind.

A mall kiosk franchise is a great option for entrepreneurs who are looking to make maximum profit with a minimal investment. Contact us today to learn more about why mall kiosks have helped us expand!

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A Great Franchise for a Low Investment: What You Need to Know About the Startup Costs

Small franchise opportunities have the potential to turn a low initial investment into a great revenue stream. The Sparklean franchise opportunity gives you more bang for your buck than just about any other franchise investment out there. Compared to other franchises like restaurants or retail stores, our startup costs are remarkably low with plenty of potential for profit. Let’s take a closer look at the costs associated with opening a Sparklean franchise.

small franchise opportunities

The Franchise Fee

Every franchise opportunity on the market will come along with a franchise fee. Why? A franchise fee is a one-time payment that helps to offset some of the costs of the training and onboarding you’ll receive. It grants you access to our highly-effective business model, our brand name, and our exclusive products. At $29,900, our franchise fee is much lower than many other small franchise opportunities you’ll find. When you partner with us, we’ll provide you with guidance every step of the way, helping you to avoid many of the pitfalls entrepreneurs experience when they start their own businesses. Therefore, the franchise fee has the potential to save you time and money in the long run.

Commercial Lease Agreement

The cost of leasing retail space in a shopping mall will vary depending on your location. One of the best parts about franchising with Sparklean is that you only need a small space to showcase our products. The monthly cost of running a mall kiosk is much lower than leasing a mall store or even a standalone store, yet you’ll enjoy access to a steady stream of foot traffic. We know just what to look for in a perfect location for our kiosks, and we’ll help you review options in your territory to find the right one.

Custom-Built Kiosks Stand Out from Other Small Franchise Opportunities

Unlike other small franchise opportunities, Sparklean believes that less is more. We keep our product line lean, our labor costs low, and need only minimal space to showcase our wares. One important expense we insist on is a custom-built kiosk that maximizes the impact of our products and demonstrations. For about $4,500 you can create a Sparklean kiosk that’s tailored to catch the attention of passers-by while affording you plenty of storage space. The talented salespeople that sell our products are paid on commission and rely on demonstrations and one-on-one interactions to earn their living and make you money. We’ve found that providing them with a beautiful stage as a backdrop for their work is an investment that often pays for itself many times over.

Our Exclusive Products

Other retail franchises often find themselves bogged down by excessive inventory. Ordering too much inventory, or products that prove to be unpopular and hard to sell, can be a major drain on profits. At Sparklean, we only manufacture a few products and they can’t be found anywhere else. They’ve proven to be popular among our customers for years and have catapulted our small family business into a national brand. When you partner with us, you can look forward to simple ordering, inventory, and sales.

Sparklean stands out from other small franchise opportunities because of the low overhead it takes to keep our locations running, and a small initial investment. Visit our website to learn more!

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3 Things to Look for When Selecting a Site for Your Franchise

Starting a Sparklean franchise is one of the best investments you can make. From our low startup costs to the quick return on your initial investment, we have a concept that has proven itself to be extremely profitable. One of the most important elements of a successful Sparklean is the location. We have strategically determined that malls are the best locations for our franchises. Here’s why.

The Foot Traffic

Did you know that 75% of Americans visit a mall at least once a month? The foot traffic at malls is incomparable to any other location. There are constantly consumers at malls, at all times of the day. What this means for a mall kiosk franchise like Sparklean is that there is a constant potential sale walking the corridors. We have compiled years of data that determine what locations are best within malls, and where a franchise would be ideal. This kind of data pinpoints the ideal location for maximum exposure and foot traffic at your given site, giving our franchises the best possible chance for success.

There are nearly 115,000 malls in America alone, which means people love to shop. In addition to this data, cleaners in malls like Sparklean are part of the top 10% of wealthiest and most educated mall concepts. What this research suggests is that we have a recipe for success in these types of locations, with just the right demographic looking for products like ours.

We Help You

We offer support to all of our franchisees. Like any new business, finding the right location can be a little uneasy. There’s a lot to factor in, even if it is in a mall. Because of this, we have taken the time to research different factors like the type and the location of different malls, as well as locations within them. All of this research has helped us determine what specific locations will be beneficial for a Sparklean franchise, therefore helping our franchisees see a quicker positive cash flow than they would with any other brand.

In addition, we also are working on developing partnerships with big mall brands across America. These partnerships will ease the transition for franchisees because they know that their location will be at a trusted mall that has favorable demographics.

After our training program and the site selection process, we then will assist you with grand opening. Our experts will help you and your team get your Sparklean up and running. We’ll be there to answer any questions and provide you with feedback. Beyond this, you’ll receive franchisee support for the life of your business to aid with processes, operations, and other franchise-related items.

Sparklean Jewelry and Glass Cleaner Is a Must Have

One of the biggest selling points for a Sparklean franchise is that we offer proprietary products that cannot be found anywhere else. When it comes to their jewelry, people don’t want to settle for anything less than the best, and glass is something that is seen in every home and requires a higher-level cleaning product. Since there is a constant demand to clean and polish these products and retain their shine, customers constantly are searching for products that can get even the toughest jobs done.

Our products were created through trial and error until we finally had the best possible jewelry and glass cleaner in the market. These products, combined with the training and support we offer, make a Sparklean franchise one of the best opportunities out there.

If you are interested in learning more about the investment in a Sparklean franchise, check out our startup costs.

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4 Perks of Investing in Multiple Mall Kiosks

Malls serve as an entrepreneurial hotspot for business owners targeting retail consumers. Their diverse demographics enable mall kiosk franchises to enjoy success across many industries. With a franchise model, an entrepreneur can become a multi-unit investor that owns and operates multiple mall kiosks under the same brand. The key ingredient is identifying the right brand to maximize the potential for growth.

Sparklean is changing mall kiosk franchising for the better. We are a jewelry and glass cleaning franchise that provides only the best products to customers. The global jewelry market hit $257 billion in 2017, and that number is only expected to grow. There is one thing that is for certain – jewelry never goes out of style. But one thing that does go out of style is when it gets old and dirty. People invest money into jewelry; therefore, they invest money into maintaining it.

Sparklean offers a great opportunity to capture this market with a demonstrable product that is easy to show retail consumers in the mall setting. By opening your own Sparklean mall kiosk franchise, you can participate in a proven operating model that has a 10-plus-year track record succeeding in this fast-paced retail environment.

Here are some of the perks you get for investing in multiple franchises with us.

A Mall Kiosk Franchise Territory to Yourself

When you invest in multiple mall kiosk franchises, you have the capability of holding a larger territory. This allows you to replicate your business model across multiple locations, which translates into no direct Sparklean franchise competitors in your defined territory – giving you the best chance at selling your product to local customers. Almost every mall across the United States has at least one jewelry store in it, meaning that people visiting these locations have a higher probability of looking for or at jewelry. And if you own jewelry, you’re in need of cleaning products for it.

You are also building brand recognizability. Sparklean has franchises all across the nation, but if you have multiple units, you spread our products and recognizability even further. Sparklean products appeal to everyone who owns jewelry, and they trust our products because they have proven to work and are easily accessible in malls.

It’s Cost Effective

Like many other things, mall kiosk franchises are better in bulk. When you invest in multiple units at once, it is cost effective since you do not need the training or other costs that are associated with a single unit investment. In addition to the startup costs, the profit margins with multiple mall kiosks are higher. When you invest in multi-unit mall kiosks right off the bat with Sparklean, you are increasing your chances for profitability and success, and decreasing the time and costs to start them up individually.

Fast ROI

Once business is booming – it booms. The best thing about a Sparklean franchise is the fact that you can see a return on investment much faster than a traditional franchise. Since our business model has a commission-based sales structure, the more you sell means the more you make. You keep the money you earn from selling our products, and your team members do the same. With sales personnel motivated by incentive-based compensation, you can expect quicker revenue growth to reach your profit goals in much less time. Plus, a more affordable entry cost compared puts you on the fast track to realizing a return on your investment.

Lean Business Operations

The benefit of multiple mall kiosk franchises is that you have options in terms of your involvement in the operations. At the beginning, making sure your franchises are up and running is imperative to their success, but once they are successfully making sales, you have the opportunity to take a more passive role in your franchises. Being a master franchisee or a passive investor means you have enough resources to hire a team to run each location. Your level of involvement depends on your business goals – some investors want to be involved in the operations to a certain degree, others don’t. Depending on what you want, you can be more passive and hire employees to take care of your operations. When you work for yourself with multiple mall kiosks, the possibilities are much broader.

Sparklean may be the perfect opportunity for you because we have so many perks for investing in multiple units. If you are interested in an investment that has a lot of potential for profit, we may be exactly what you are looking for.

Contact us to learn more about our concept and what makes us stand out from any other mall kiosk franchise.