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When you start any new business, it’s important to offer products or services that can’t be found elsewhere. Sparklean allows our franchisees to become the exclusive dealers of our products in their territories, cementing their position as the go-to source for Sparklean. And when customers see for themselves what our product can do, they often come back for more! Our product was born from a secret family recipe that restored luster to glass and metals without the use of harsh chemicals. Read on to learn more about our proprietary product line.


From Our Family to Yours

Twenty years ago, the Sanchez family patriarch Manuel was living in his home country, Ecuador. He realized that most glass and jewelry cleaners were essentially the same, so he sought out to create a better product. After years of hard work, he developed the formula for Sparklean. He soon immigrated to America with his family, where they all took part in improving the new glass cleaner.

The Sanchez family opened their first kiosk to see if others would love the new product as much as they did, and they were overwhelmed by the response. Today, Sparklean has kiosks across the United States, where talented salespeople demonstrate the efficacy of the product and draw in new customers every day. When you purchase a Sparklean franchise, you’re joining a family that’s worked hard for success – and will work just as hard to help you grow your new business.

Gentle and Natural

You might think that a product that can tackle such tough damage must be composed of harsh chemicals. However, Sparklean is completely natural! Made of just a few safe ingredients, parents and pet owners can use Sparklean around the house without worry that fumes or residue will harm their loved ones. Furthermore, the product is safe to use even in situations that require a gentle touch.

For instance, many jewelry cleaners are too harsh to use on soft stones like turquoise or opal, but Sparklean users can safely clean even these stones with our product. As a gentle cleaner, there are even more potential uses for Sparklean: removing stuck-on rosin from violins, cleaning up antiques, and polishing rare coins are all safe and easy with our unique product.

Sparklean Is Highly Effective

One of the most significant benefits of using Sparklean is that it can actually remove surface scratches from metal! It’s effective enough to remove a number of tough blemishes, in addition to its intended use as a jewelry cleaner. You’d be amazed at the common household problems Sparklean can alleviate – water marks on marble, burn marks on appliances, rust and corrosion on metal. This versatility means that our product is well-suited for just about anyone.

We’ve found that the best way to show the efficacy of our product is through demonstrations. As shoppers pass by, our salespeople will illustrate how Sparklean can easily polish their eyeglasses and repair tarnished coins to their former luster. The ease with which we can showcase our product’s effectiveness, along with great word of mouth, have helped us to cultivate a loyal customer base in every city we serve.

When you purchase a Sparklean franchise, you’ll be able to offer your community a safe and effective cleanser like it’s never seen! Visit us online to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

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