Why Choose a Mall Kiosk? Heavy Foot Traffic Is Only the Beginning

In the world of retail investments, a mall kiosk franchise is a great bet. There are a number of reasons why these small but highly-visible sites are an excellent choice for investors who are looking to start a business with low overhead. At Sparklean, our franchisees operate exclusively in mall kiosks. Let’s take a closer look at why they’ve helped Sparklean grow from a small family business to the nationally-recognized brand it is today.

mall kiosk franchise

A Steady Stream of Foot Traffic

Malls have always been a great place to set up a new retail business. That shouldn’t change anytime soon. In fact, did you know that Generation Z, soon to be the strongest buying force in the U.S., shows a marked preference for malls compared to other generations? Shoppers that come to the mall to visit one favorite store walk by many others, giving mall stores valuable foot traffic. For a product like Sparklean, where demonstration is key, this foot traffic translates into interest from customers who otherwise wouldn’t have known about our brand.

Other mall kiosk franchises sell products that will only appeal to a single demographic. Sparklean benefits greatly from foot traffic because our product can be used by just about anyone. Originally designed as a jewelry cleaner, Sparklean can clean much more than just necklaces and earrings. It’s gentle enough to be used on precious antiques and musical instruments and tough enough to remove stubborn marks from walls. The wide range of uses for Sparklean means that everyone who passes by our kiosks is a potential customer – making foot traffic an important element of our business model.

Low Overhead with a Mall Kiosk Franchise

If you’re looking for a franchise with low overhead, it’s tough to find a better choice than Sparklean. Our employees are paid on commission, which means the sky is the limit for their earning potential, but their paycheck is directly correlated to how much of your product they’ve sold. Our kiosk locations are another way we keep our overhead costs low. Leasing a mall kiosk is far less expensive than leasing a store. Situated right in the middle of central walkways, kiosks catch a lot of attention from passersby who walk right by our products and sales demonstrations. All in all, kiosks allow us to make a maximum impact for a low monthly lease.

A Perfect Fit for Sparklean

A mall kiosk franchise typically has products to sell that benefit from demonstrations, and Sparklean is no different. Our salespeople take tarnished jewelry and dirty eyeglasses and clean them quickly and effectively with our range of exclusive products, restoring them to their former luster right in front of customers’ eyes. Mall kiosks allow us to demonstrate the power of our product not just to customers who are already stopped to watch, but to everyone who’s walking by.

Additionally, Sparklean produces only a few highly-effective products. A kiosk allows us to effectively display our full range of products, with plenty of room for storage. Sparklean has always operated out of mall kiosks, and our business model has been fine-tuned for maximum efficacy with kiosks in mind.

A mall kiosk franchise is a great option for entrepreneurs who are looking to make maximum profit with a minimal investment. Contact us today to learn more about why mall kiosks have helped us expand!

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