Starting a small business franchise with Sparklean is a great way to break into the multi-purpose cleaning industry.

Our unique product and business model really make us stand out from other mall kiosks. On the Process page, we’ve tried to provide an overview of what the franchising process is like from start to finish. Here, let’s take a closer look at a few of the initial tasks you’ll need to complete as you prepare to open your new Sparklean Franchise.

Finding the Perfect Staff

When you operate a mall kiosk, one of the most important things you’ll need to do is find and hire a great team. Your salespeople will be the public face of your business, and their skill and acumen will make or break each sale. Since our business is heavily driven by sales skills, it’s important that you identify staff who are comfortable interacting with people. We’ve used this model to leverage our small family business into a nation-wide company, so we know a few things about what to look for in a sales staff.

While it’s ultimately up to you to find and hire the best staff, we can guide you along the way. Once your business is up and running, our experts will join you at your location. There, we’ll share sales techniques with your staff that will help them most effectively move your product!

Designing Your Kiosk

Sparklean stands out from other mall kiosk businesses because we modify our Mall Carts based on criteria provided by the malls we lease from. Therefore, another important part of starting a small business franchise with Sparklean is designing a kiosk that’s right for your location. Our contacts and expertise make this process a smooth one, and we’ll work with you and your mall to design a kiosk that fits your needs and attracts customers with just the right branding.

Getting to Know Our Brand

Through the comprehensive training program we’ve developed, and throughout the process of preparing to open your Sparklean franchise, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get to know our brand. As a franchise owner, you’ll effectively be the leader of a team. It’s important that you know our product, and are enthusiastic about it, in order to motivate and educate your sales staff. We encourage our franchisees to take some product home with them and try it out for themselves. Getting to know what it can do on a personal level is a great way to help demonstrate its usefulness and versatility to your team and your customers alike!

These tasks are just a few of the things you’ll do to get started as a Sparklean franchise owner.

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