A growing industry

The U.S. cleaning products industry is massive, valued at around $60 billion!

Americans rich and poor rely on cleaning products to keep their homes and belongings clean, safe, and looking great. If you’re thinking of investing in a franchise, an investment in this industry is a great option. Unlike other franchise models such as restaurants, Americans need cleaning products. When poor economic times hit, many Americans would sooner forego dinners out than necessities like household cleansers. Sparklean fits neatly into this category, but the revolutionary product is so unique that it stands out over traditional glass cleaning solutions.

The Green Cleaning Trend

Green cleaning is an unmistakable industry trend that’s driving growth today. The term “green cleaning” refers to cleaning products and processes that are more eco-friendly than those of the past. Customers love green products that can be produced and disposed of with minimal environmental impact and can be used at home without worry of endangering their family. Sparklean fits neatly into this category because of the chemical makeup of our product. Made from natural compounds, Sparklean delivers unmistakable results without harsh chemicals. Consumers can rest easy that Sparklean jewelry cleaning solutions are safe to get on their skin, and gets the job done without dangerous residues and additives.

It’s worth noting that jewelry and glass cleaning solutions like Sparklean aren’t common among mall kiosks, meaning our franchisees don’t have much competition in the marketplace right now. There is even less competition in the green cleaning space, making Sparklean a unique offering in many malls.

Jewelry cleaning

Multi-Surface Cleaning

Multi-surface cleaning is another niche within the cleaning products industry. Many consumers love that multi-surface cleaners give them the flexibility to address a number of issues with a single product. Sparklean glass and jewelry cleaning solutions also take advantage of this trend.

Designed as a jewelry and glass cleaner, Sparklean can address a range of other issues including:

  • Gently cleaning antiques
  • Burn marks on appliances
  • Removing surface scratches from metal
  • Gently removing caked-on rosin from violins
  • Scuff marks on the floor
  • Water and ink marks from furniture
  • … and more!

The wide range of uses for our product helps ensure that just about everyone can benefit from its uses. Coin collectors, musicians, hobbyists of all kinds, and anyone who owns jewelry are great potential Sparklean customers. These specialty niches, in addition to the all-purpose nature of our product, help us stand out to many demographics. When it comes to multi-surface cleaning, it’s hard to beat a product that’s tough enough to remove water and ink marks from furniture, yet gentle enough to be trusted with delicate family heirlooms.

A Vertically Integrated Company

As businesses in many different industries know, vertical integration is a great way to keep prices low and quality high. Sparklean is a vertically integrated company because we design and manufacture all of our jewelry and glass cleaning solutions internally rather than buying other brands from a distributor. Since we produce and distribute Sparklean independently, we’re able to do business without the “middle man” that often requires owners to drive prices up.

This model allows our franchisees to offer a unique product at great prices. Sparklean isn’t sold in grocery stores, establishing our franchisees as go-to sources for the product in their community. Customers can rest assured that they’re getting the product at the best possible price. The fact that we’re a vertically integrated brand is just one of the many advantages our franchisees enjoy when they choose Sparklean over other franchise opportunities.

Sparklean Cleaning Products

To learn more about how Sparklean glass and jewelry cleaning solutions were developed, check out the About Us page!