If you’ve been thinking of investing in a mall kiosk business, you might be surprised to learn that the costs to start a franchise can be significantly less expensive than other businesses. When you invest in a Sparklean franchise, you’ll get the added benefit of investing in a well-established business model. We’ve been in business for years, and we know just what it takes to get one of our new locations up and running. You’ll need to review our franchise disclosure document for the most complete breakdown of the franchise startup costs, but here we’ve compiled a few of the most significant startup costs you can expect to incur when you open a Sparklean franchise.

Franchise Fee

An important consideration in any franchise investment is the franchise fee. This fee helps cover some of the costs associated with the training and support you’ll receive. It also allows you to operate under the Sparklean brand name, using our time-tested business model. The Sparklean franchise fee is modestly priced at $19,900, a bargain when compared with other franchisors’ fees. Some investors may wonder why they should invest in a company like ours that requires a franchise fee when they could go it alone and avoid the expense. However, the franchise fee is one expense that shouldn’t be undervalued.

Calculating Fees

When you franchise with us, you’ll be able to hit the ground running, building your business with expert guidance and without worry of wasting money on trial and error. Independent entrepreneurs may spend weeks, months, or even years trying to figure out the best ways to do business, the best suppliers, and the best marketing strategies. All of this extra time can cost business owners big bucks, not to mention wasted time. The Sparklean franchise fee ensures that you’ll be able to get your business started quickly and efficiently.

How much does a mall kiosk franchise cost?

Starting a mall kiosk franchise with Sparklean is much less expensive than many other franchise investments. Depending on your location, you can expect to invest approximately $50,000-$75,000 in your new business, including the franchise fee. This figure includes just about everything you’ll need to get started, including:


You’ll spend up to $5,000 stocking your new business with inventory. Sparklean produces a limited range of highly-effective products, so this investment will ensure that your location is well-stocked with the inventory you need.

Mall Cart Design and Manufacturing

Sparklean stands out from other mall kiosk businesses because we design our own stands, ensuring that they perfectly suit our product line. You should expect to invest up to $4,500 in your new kiosk. We’ll work with you to design a mall cart that perfectly meets the needs of your location.

Computer and Point-of-Sale Systems

Having great technology is an important consideration for just about every new business. At Sparklean, our computer systems help us keep track of inventory, ordering, bookkeeping, profits, and more! Getting your location outfitted with the right technology will cost around $2,500.

Above are just a few of the most important items in the Sparklean franchise investment. If you’ve been wondering “How much does a mall kiosk franchise cost?” get in touch with us to request a copy of our franchise disclosure document. There, you’ll find more complete information on the investment, along with information on the historical performance of our brand, what you’re entitled to as a franchisee, and what additional fees you can expect to pay.

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