If you’ve been researching small franchise opportunities, you should already know that Sparklean is a standout!

An independently-owned company, Sparklean was formulated by our family patriarch and we’ve kept its secrets to ourselves…until now! We’re excited to open our business up to franchisees, allowing others to build their own businesses on the strength of our product. We have a unique opportunity to offer to qualified entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to start their own business or diversify their investments.

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We’re Unique Among Mall Kiosk Franchise Opportunities

Now is a great time to invest in a mall kiosk franchise. Mall kiosks have become popular. For one thing, they can oftentimes be operated with more flexible leasing terms than a full-sized store. Along these lines, they are also significantly less expensive! Kiosks give entrepreneurs access to the same stream of foot traffic enjoyed by mall stores but at a fraction of the price. Additionally, kiosks are especially eye-catching. Shoppers can easily see what they have on display, and salespeople are able to easily interact with them as they pass by. While mall stores sit on the edges of thoroughfares, kiosks are right in the middle!

A Product Like No Other

Sparklean Mall Kiosk

Another reason Sparklean stands out from other mall kiosk franchise opportunities is that we offer an eye-catching unique product. Cleaning products aren’t common among mall kiosks to begin with, but Sparklean is unique for other reasons as well. For instance, the versatility of our product gives it an advantage in the already booming cleaning product industry. Unlike the trinkets that are often found at mall kiosks, Sparklean is a household necessity. It can tackle problems like burns on appliances, rust and corrosion, and surface scratches on jewelry with ease. It’s gentle enough to use on the most precious of heirlooms while being tough enough to remove stubborn watermarks and ink from furniture. The versatility of our product makes it popular with everyone from hobbyists to homemakers.

Along these lines, running a Sparklean franchise can also help you break into the popular green cleaning sector of the industry. Green technology has been growing in many industries, from automobiles to construction. It’s also taken the cleaning industry by storm. Consumers love the idea of tough, effective cleaners without the harsh chemicals of years past. Sparklean franchise owners can easily capitalize on this trend. Our product is gentle, safe to use on household surfaces, and easy on the environment. If there aren’t many mall kiosks that sell cleaning products, there are even less that specialize in green cleaning! Sparklean is unique in this sector.

Remarkably Low Overhead

If you’re searching for a kiosk franchise for sale, look no further than Sparklean. Starting at around $50,000, an investment in a Sparklean franchise is markedly lower than many other small franchise opportunities. Our franchisees can showcase their wares from a small and affordable kiosk, rather than a full-sized store. We hire our salespeople on a commission-only basis, helping our franchisees to scale their costs. Considerations like these make our business model exceptionally efficient, helping our franchisees start a new business without wasting a penny.

We also have worked to develop a business model that allows our customers to easily expand. We think you’ll find that running a single Sparklean kiosk is so simple, you’ll want to establish a presence in more than one shopping mall! We’ll work with you to help you grow your small business kiosk franchise.

As you can see, the Sparklean franchise opportunity is unique in a number of ways. Check out our startup costs page to learn more about what you can expect to invest in when you partner with us.