We don’t expect our Sparklean franchise owners to come from a background in cleaning products or even upper management.

We believe that our business model is so simple it can be easily imparted to qualified investors by taking part in our franchise training program. Sparklean is a family business, and we’ve spent nearly twenty years fine-tuning our products and our business model. When you become a franchisee, we’ll provide you with the insight and guidance you need to leverage our time-tested family secrets.

Work with Us at Our Headquarters

In addition to providing you with the support you’ll need to start your business strong, you’ll take part in a comprehensive week-long training program at our headquarters in South Florida. Along with select members of your trusted staff, you’ll learn the basics of how to own and operate a Sparklean franchise. We’ll share valuable sales techniques designed to attract customers, operational procedures to maximize efficiency, and all of the information you could ever need about our products.

Perhaps the most important component of a Sparklean franchise is the team of salespeople demonstrating our products and attracting customers. We operate on a commission-based model, which is somewhat unique in today’s marketplace. Therefore, finding and retaining a strong sales staff is one of the most important things our franchisees can do to grow their business. We’ll give you information and advice on how to find these salespeople, keep them motivated, and develop their talents.

By the time you leave, we want you to feel confident that you and your team have the tools you need to open your doors for business. But the training doesn’t end there – we’ll see you at your location!

On-Site in Your Territory

Taking part in a franchise training program at our headquarters is a great first step, but we know that the key to mastering new information is to try it out in practice. That’s why our experts will join you in your own location to help you implement everything you learned in training! We’ll also provide franchise training to the rest of your staff while we’re there, showing them the time-tested sales techniques we’ve developed over the years. We’ll stay through the days just following your grand opening to make sure you’re ready to run your Sparklean franchise with confidence. By the time we leave, your team will have demonstrated that they’re well-prepared to run your new business.

Ongoing Contact to Answer Your Questions

We know that the initial period where you learn to run your business independently can be nerve-wracking. We plan on being available to you by phone and email to answer any questions you have while you’re still learning the ropes. We’ll check in with you regularly to see how things are going, to provide you with feedback, and answer your questions. One of the most significant benefits of franchising with Sparklean is that we’re a family business, and we see our franchisees as a part of that family! We’re invested in you and want your new location to thrive.

These are just a few of the ways Sparklean invests in our franchisees by providing them with comprehensive training. As you can see, we’ve worked hard to ensure that franchisees from different backgrounds will learn the necessary skills to leverage our business model. We understand that when our franchisees succeed, we succeed. The training and support programs we’ve developed are just a few of the ways we work to help them grow their businesses as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To learn more about how we support your Sparklean franchise early stages of business and beyond,

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